Monday, March 26, 2012

Scintilla, no. 9 | 23 Things You'll Never Hear Me Say

  1. "Have you heard the new Decemberists song?"
  2. "Cats are so adorable."
  3. "I'm thinking about going back to school."
  4. "I don't really have any girl friends; girls are just so petty and jealous--all my friends are guys."
  5. "Harem pants are so tacky."
  6. "I don't really read books."
  7. "Ugh! Rainy days are so depressing!"
  8. "I'm thinking about hitting up Urban Outfitters later today."
  9. "No offense, but that girl was totally asking for it."
  10. "Have you heard the new Death Cab song?"
  11. "I won't date a guy unless he drives a certain kind of car."
  12. "My career is really important to me."
  13. "Lady Gaga is an inspiration."
  14. "Perfect tanning weather!"
  15. "Ryan Gosling is so dreamy."
  16. "I'm trying a new diet."
  17. "Slut alert."
  18. "The Beatles are my all time favorite band."
  19. I don't really get the appeal of guys with long hair."
  20. "Steve Jobs is an inspiration."
  21. "God, sometimes I hate being married."
  22. "No offense, but I just don't think gay people should be allowed to get married."
  23. "Leggings are not pants."
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