Sunday, March 18, 2012

Been Thrifting, no. 3 | of Monsters & Flowers

This month so far has yielded two pretty sweet thrifting trips.  Last weekend, we headed out to the Raleigh Flea Market--the warm weather brought out a huge crowd, and though I'm neither a fan of large groups of people, nor warm sunny days (I am Vampire), warm weather does also mean more vendors, and more stuff.  We came home with a spiffy Ronson lighter/cigarette holder for Wolfman, a wall tapestry for me, and a book of Horror for our coffee table, something for both of us to geek over.
This lighter is typical for the sorts of things Wolfman keeps an eye out for on our Flea Market and thrifting outings--the sorts of things which add to his Gentleman Adventurer mien.  Also, Wolfman has lately taken on a new hobby in the form of cigar aficianadodom (is there some fantastically obscure word for this?  I tried googling to no avail), and, as a result, has started a small collection of pouches, lighters, and other paraphernalia.  The lighter is not in perfect working order, but Wolfman has been tinkering with it--always with the projects.  
I am positive we paid too much for this book (the binding is broken, after all), but neither of us can resist the Call of Creatures & Creature Features.  A Pictorial History of Horror Movies, by Denis Gifford, first published in 1973 by Hamlyn Publishing Group.  Our edition is 1983, published by Exeter books.  The book spans everything from Nosferatu to the original Friday the 13th.  My only point of contention is that Denis Gifford is not a fan of The Shining.  Not a fan of The Shining?  Really?  Look, I'm no Stanley Kubrick fan, right, but The Shining is one of the greatest horror films of all time.
And finally, there's this wall hanging, which caught my eye from across several vendors' displays at the market.  My shoddy camera work fails to capture the brilliance of these colors.  After a few formative years of my childhood spent in the Pacific Northwest, I've always been sort of week in the knees for totem-like imagery.  I haven't found a proper place for this yet, but right now it's brightening up my foyer.
Early in the month, we stopped by the Goodwill here in Apex.  Rarely do I find anything of interest at the Apex Goodwill--my Goodwill of choice is in Cary near my grandmother's house (I never fail to find something mind-blowing at the Cary Goodwill).  In fact, so humdrum do I find the Apex Goodwill, that we didn't even have any cash with us when we arrived.  Which means, of course, that within moments of walking in the door, Wolfman found a beautiful dresser for me (not pictured--because I have big plans to paint it some wild combination of colors).  So, while he drove off to an ATM, I stayed behind guarding the dresser, and while I was waiting found a couple "silk" scarves for an upcoming project and a beautiful little book.
A Year in a Victorian Garden by Henry A. Bright, first appeared as a monthly garden diary in the Gardener's Chronicle of 1874, then published as a book in 1879.  This edition is a 1991 reprint.

EDIT!: I almost forgot.  Our landlord owns an antique shop on the quaint little main street in down town Apex, and while paying rent at the beginning of the month, we couldn't help but buy the following:
What you see before you is a espresso mug for Wolfman (originally a cream server which came with a set; because the set was sold, our landlord gave us this cup for free!).  Wolfman sewed the leather sleeve you see on it, to keep from burning his hands.  And, my glorious spoon rest.  Yes, it has a chip.  But, I would've chipped it anyways (I chip everything; you should see the state of my dishes).  And, I was desperately in need of a spoon rest (Wolfman kept griping at me for putting dirty spoons on our stove burners, and then later smoking up the kitchen), and though I decline from buying sweaters with cats on them, or deer knick knacks, I do like things shaped like mushrooms, or things with mushrooms painted on them, so.
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