Friday, March 23, 2012

Ephemera Friday, no. 11 | Sartorial Lust, Spring & Summer

The weather here in good ol' NC has skipped Spring and headed straight to Summer.  There has been sweat.  So, I find myself perusing my style pinterest board for some reminders on how to dress when I feel like I very well may melt into a puddle on the sidewalk.  Here are some things I'll be searching for in thrift stores as the days get hotter and longer:

1. Loose dresses, slacks, and blouse + skirt combos in bold colors.  There is nothing more pleasant on a summer day than catching a breeze in the folds of some slouchy, floating material on your body:
The Sartorialist + Bobo Woodlake + Stockholm Streetstyle + Dirty Richmond
 2. Overalls!  I have longed for a good pair of overalls since middle school, no joke.  Perfect for puttering around in the garden and kitchen (particularly if there are large pockets involved), which so much more sunlight hours allows me to do:
Pinterest + FaceHunter
 3. Hats.  There is very little that bums me out more than a sun-induced headache.  And, my skin sure does appreciate the shade, and will show me its appreciate tenfold when I am 40 and virtually wrinkle-free:
 4. Simple mini-dresses in vivid colors.  Such a cinch, so utterly doable, and effortlessly chic.
 5. Linen dresses for work on the homestead.  No, technically my tiny garden and four cats do not count as a homestead, but I'm already visually shopping for the possibility one day. 
L' Atelier des Ours + Acoustics + LarimeLoom (Etsy)
 6. Bold patterned dresses with chunky accessories.  Who am I kidding?  I look for this sort of thing every season, in every kind of weather:
Natural Hair Teens + Black Fashion + Vogue Australia
7. Bloomers!  Bloomers are brilliant, end of story.
Catherine Reeves + Crea Time

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