Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Photo Journal, no. 17 | On Sunday, My Kitchen to Salem Street, and Back

1-2. Traumatized by attempting to file taxes, I calm my nerves by making iced tea.
3. Chicken broth fat.
4. Seedlings in pyrex.
5. Bathroom ash tray.
6. I make Wolfman pose for dorky photos.
7. Red tea latte.
8. Aria's flower display matches my outfit.
9. Aria's bunnies, not actually taxidermied, I presume.
10. Journal.
11. Lunchbox Chaos Vaughn, good dog.
12. Wolfman, laughing while reading Fangoria.
13. Finished! Yum!
14. Somebody at the Vault's been taking notes while Wolfman speaks.
15-17. The Cigar Vault.
18. Rage Against Stephenie Meyer.  (She's the worst; more on that later.)
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