Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Scintilla, no. 1 | Who Am I?

1. I am Michelle Leigh "Calamity Jane Xena Ripley Joan of Arc" Bentz Vaughn, nee Shoemaker.

2. I am "quiet" say some, reserved, say I, never shy, not even quite introverted (though my Myers Briggs states Intuitive Introvert), not exactly a bitch though sometimes I am mistaken for one, not nearly dumb (actually, perhaps the opposite, in some fields), though sometimes mistaken as such, but wary of strangers and careful, even guarded, upon meeting new acquaintances.

3. But, I am strange and passionate and unafraid. Unafraid to dress vividly, to laugh loudly, to raise an eyebrow severely and disagree. I am never embarrassed, because to be embarrassed requires one to care what other people think.

4. I am a Texan, by birth, by taste buds, and by preferred style of boot.

5. I am the wife of M. Jared Vaughn, though I swore at one time that I would never introducemyself as any man's anything.

6. I am a reader of words, many, words upon words, and a collector of words as well. When I was younger, more naive, perhaps, I considered myself a writer of words. But am I now, again? Is this neurotic phase upon me again?

7. I am my grandmother's granddaughter, though not my mother's daughter. I am, in fact, in the minority of people defriended by their mothers on Facebook.

8. I am always answering the question, "What do you do?" with a question. "When?," or, "What do you mean?"

9. I am a dog person living with four cats.

10. I am a sexpot and an anti-prude. I am pro-nudity and sex positivity and, of course, love.

11. I am a lapsed ballerina with itchy feet and nostalgic muscles.

12. I am a lover of kitchen improvisation, though I read and collect so many recipes, and lately newly in love with plants, with growing, with self-reliance.

13. I am a future industrious homesteader, expert knifethrower, terrible mother.

14. I am a magical thinker. I am that little girl, still, in the woods, peering into creek beds and bushes for treasure and creature.

15. I am more than this, of course, and indefinable the way all people tend to be. Mostly, though, I am settled and proud and happy.


  1. Beautiful post. Lovely to meet you. :)

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.


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