Hi, there. I'm Michelle, 33-years-old and tender-hearted, married to Jared, a good-looking, hirsute gentleman/adventurer/musician hereafter referred to as Wolfman. I call us and this blog The Wolfpeople, because we are wildish and earthy and very good at sneering.  In August 2013 (on my 29th birthday), we welcomed our son, Martigan, sometimes called Mads, sometimes called Bubba, to this bright, gorgeous world. We live in a mid-sized North Carolina town (Wolfman's home town) and share our lives with a rescue ghost dog, Atalanta. We believe in living earnestly, responsibly, creatively, and simply.

This blog is a place for me to record parts of our life--the really good parts, the parts I want to remember in precise detail. It is also a little space in which to explore--to create, to daydream aloud, to celebrate, to give thanks.

Thanks for stopping by! Leave a note and let me know where you came from!

RIP Lunchbox & Thorn, 2017

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