Thursday, August 20, 2015

#ThankfulThursday | I'm your boyfriend now, Nancy

This past weekend my mother-in-law stopped by for a visit, and she came bearing gifts: birthday gifts, veggies from her garden, and a Frigidaire stove. I'm still having trouble processing the stove, but the peas I understand fully; I spent a couple hours shelling them on Sunday, on the sofa with a strainer in my lap and bowl next to me while Wolfman and I delved into our annual Halloween Horror Countdown. Wes Craven and peas from Sandra's garden, I am so grateful for that.  Wolfman cooked up those peas on our new stove-top, in a hand-me-down cast-iron pot, until the beans were the same color as the pot. And he baked cornbread for the first time. It was simple, and hearty, and good, and I give thanks. 

I Am Grateful:
  • for the customer at my shop who gives me a little packet of Red Hots.
  • for yellow legal paper that lends itself so well to list-making.
  • for horror movies and the weirdos who pour so much love into the making of them.
  • for warm cherry tomatoes straight from our garden and the way Mads says "mato!"
  • for potato chips and beer, a divine combination.
  • for the sight of bubbles floating clear across our yard, making their way to the road (and then where?).
  • that when I Google home remedies for Lunchbox's itchy skin, each one is something we already have at home.
  • for the sight of a school bus that neither I nor my son actually have to ride.
  • for the leaves falling fast and hard in the back yard in a moment of grey almost-storm, as I harvest tomatoes from my humble little garden.
  • for the sound of cherry tomatoes falling from my aproned t-shirt and rolling across the dining room table.
  • for the privilege of watching a giant brown spider spinning her web in the flood light as I get home from work after dark.
  • for a 13-month-old boy, pushing his own stroller around the shop while I work, reminding me of my own little boy who still likes to push his own stroller.
  • for phone conversations with my grandma, always calming and therapeutic.

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