Thursday, August 27, 2015

#ThankfulThursday | come inside where it's okay

What a f---ing doozy of a week, of a month. This has been a rough one, but we're surviving, and god, Mads is smiling and laughing, and there is food in his belly (and food in his hair), and so I am grateful. Whatever else, I have a happy kid. 

I Am Grateful
  • to be writing notes on the back deck on a 60 degree morning, with my love, my child, my dog, in a diluted spot of sunshine.
  • for Martigan sleeping through the night 3 nights in a row!
  • to come across two season 3 episodes of The IT Crowd Wolfman and I had somehow never seen before, like coming upon unopened Christmas gifts months later.
  • for the relief of Pay Day.
  • that after an unpleasant outing, "Got My Mind Set On You" by George Harrison (my favorite song when I was 5) plays on the radio the whole car ride home, and Mads and I both shake and wiggle to it.
  • to come home to a friend (in my partner) who will listen to me rant about said unpleasant outing.
  • for the sight of cats napping in drive ways.
  • for MacGyver, Wolfman's comfort show (though he corrects me and says it's his "inspiration" show, whichever).
  • to catch sight of a daddy long legs moving through the grass at my feet so that I may step out of its way and simply admire the sight of the thing, without experiencing the heebie jeebies of it actually touching me (my relationship with spiders is complex, I admit).
  • for signs of Autumn in the mall--a table of cinnamon cider scented potpourri at the end of a department store escalator, the Halloween Alley sign hanging over the doorway of a previously vacant spot with skulls and ghouls peeking out over the tarp covering the windows, back to school and college sport displays in windows I pass on my lunch break.
  • that after hours of charging the car battery, as Wolfman stands in the drive way thinking in the car's direction, "If you don't start right now, when I finally get you started I'm going to drive you off a cliff," she starts for him--so he tells me.

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