Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Photo Journal, no. 19 | Photo an Hour, Saturday March 30th

8 am - Making coffee

oatmeal for breakfast, Hers (pictured): butter, almonds, pistachios, raisins, craisins, granola crumbs, prunes, & maple syrup.  His: asiago cheese, salt, & pepper

9 am - Checking on the nursery

Cucumber seedlings are the 10 lb German infants of the plant world (btw, I was a 10 lb German infant)

10 am - Tidying the kitchen.  Cleaning out the fridge requires marrying the condiments.

Objects collected in the junk basket's pen jar include a sonic screwdriver, a wooden letter opener which could double as a stake, 2 nail files, a flea comb, a thermometer, a dum dum leftover from Halloween, and several rolls of undeveloped film.

11 am - Crystal Garden!

12 pm - portioning vitamins for the week

Re-ordering Wolfman's dresser, stealing little-worn tees for an upcoming project.  (the one on top of the stack indeed reads, Bomb the Mall)

1 pm - Lunch!

PB & J (with cheese, because I'm strange like that) & A Year in a Victorian Garden

2 pm - Dying a blouse and cape (pink!)

Spying a wee furry vampire sleeping the day away.

Folding yet more laundry & watching BBC's Blue Planet (pictured: a typical pile of my tees--flowers, stripes, flowers, zombies)

3 pm - Hanging clothes on the back porch awning instead of the line, in case it starts raining again.

Music time.

Evil by Howlin Wolf on Grooveshark 

4 pm - Snack: unsweetened apple sauce with cinnamon.

Making bread

5 pm - Tidying the living room.  So many books, so little space.

6 pm - Getting pretty

7pm - Meeting Wolfman at the Cigar Vault, keeping company with Doc Holliday

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