Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wolfpeople Library, no. 2 | My Discovery of Mary Emmerling

Aside from those issues of Domino Magazine I would pick up every once in a while a few years ago, this Mary Emmerling book I whimsically threw into my $5 box at the Wake County Public Library book sale is my first ever design book (I don't even own any fashion books, aside from a Princess Diana retrospective I picked up from the free books table at a shop in Asheville).  I've perused this book about a thousand times since acquiring it, and have spent some time undergoing unsatisfying google searches on other examples of Mary Emmerling's interior design.  She's written about a dozen books, so I suppose some Amazon-ing is in order.  I'm particularly keen on Mary Emmerling's use of Southwestern prints (Navajo blankets, etc.). 
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