Saturday, April 14, 2012

Domesticity Log, no. 8 | Notes on Tuna Salad

Possible Ingredients:
  • Tuna of choice
  • Bean of choice (in the batch pictured, I used navy beans), soaked overnight & rinsed
  • Green olives
  • Black olives
  • Capers
  • Sundried tomato
  • Sweet pickle relish
  • Dried Cranberries
  • Mayo, miracle whip, oil & vinegar, or mustard
  • etc.
Tuna fish sandwiches have always been my favorite.  One of my earliest memories is of my grandma fixing me a plate of tiny triangle-cut tuna sandwiches, each one food colored--one green, one red, one blue.  In fact, I can eat straight tuna from a can (or, I could, when I worried less about mercury poisoning), though typically I have a cat to wrangle with, because they have the nerve to think something fishy smelling in a can belongs to them.  But, throughout this long love affair with tuna, the tuna salad to me always meant the same simple thing: canned tuna with miracle whip, possibly pickle relish if you want to make it fancy (never ever ever onions). 

My eyes were opened about a year ago when I bought a tuna salad plate and crackers from the Square Rabbit, a little take-out and catering place a few blocks from work that I just love.  This tuna salad was different; this tuna salad had cannellini beans in it, and olives, and some other things I've forgotten now.  So now, in the warm months, I make big batches of tuna salad to freeze in individual servings for lunches, and each batch is new--based partly on what I have in my cabinets, and partly on what I remember using and liking from past batches. 
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