Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thankful Thursday | pledge yourself to me, never leave me be

Not even two weeks ago, it snowed. But in true North Carolina fashion, Wednesday was springtime beautiful. Even I, wintercentric though I am, had to admit it was beautiful. Too breezy for the wrap dress I wore, but balmy and energizing. An air the house out, prop the doors open kind of beautiful. A teacher can we have class outside today kind of beautiful. 

I Am Grateful:

  • for the tradition of Opeth in winter, introduced to me by my now husband; I am grateful for that first (and only) mix CD he made me, with all the prettiest Opeth songs tacked on at the end, which I listened to on repeat in the weeks leading up to our first kiss.
  • for prophetic art in mundane places.
  • for a working washer and dryer in my home.
  • for Wolfman's homemade chicken curry.
  • for post-holiday discounted foil wrapping paper.
  • for Charis Melina Brown, one of the high priestesses of my Church of Youtube, and her weird, wacky magician wisdom.
  • for phone calls with my baby, even when I can't understand what he's saying.
  • for cold Italian subs on the chewiest white bread.
  • for the feel of thick shag carpet under bare feet.
  • for an amazingly lucky sales day on a would-be unlucky day (Friday the 13th), and to, however briefly, know the feeling of being the store's top salesperson.
  • for ponzu sauce.
  • to be lulled to sleep by Thorn's purring.
  • to look into my rearview mirror as I drive home in the dark and see no one behind me.
  • for Ashley Judd.
  • when I call home to say goodnight and discover that Mads is War Machine and his daddy is Iron Man; I am grateful when Mads tells me, "I love you, War Machine Mommy."

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