Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thankful Thursday | I just want to build a fire with you, and I promise I'll never grow tired of you

I Am Grateful:
  • for my co-worker Erica's homemade Christmas cookies (especially the apricot thumbprints).
  • for heavy, smooth-writing pens.
  • for Why Oh Why.
  • for that house on High House Road, ALL lit up, and that we found it while driving a round about way home to avoid traffic.
  • that my hands are always cool and Wolfman's are always warm and that makes us a perfect match.
  • when Mads asks me to snuggle his toy dragon before bed.
  • for Ms. Carolyn D., my customer one day, who reminds me to be thankful, always, and hugs me before she leaves the store.
  • for minty toothpaste that burns my tongue.
  • for our recliner that Grandma falls asleep in after Christmas lunch, in a full recline, while Return of the King plays.
  • for Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn.
  • to climb into a warm bed at night next to my already sleeping husband.
  • for my son's energy, even when it feels like too much.
  • for Christmas movies that admit to how not great Christmas can be, how not great families can be, and how not great people can be.
  • for headlights in the fog.
  • for our lady betas, named by Mads: Blue and Red--for their beauty, for their differing personalities, that their care is the first step in teaching my son responsibility and stewardship.
  • for coconut oil.

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