Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thankful Thursday | blue, blue, electric blue

Today was just a rare start-to-finish joyous one full of: incense burning and card reading, bacon, laughing in the car with my sister, digging my toes into the earth, tree climbing, howling, reading aloud to the kids, throwing my head back and laughing at the funny things they say, singing songs with a room full of children at the library, Howl's Moving Castle, opening all the windows and airing out the house, hot tea, a cheerful cardigan, my man stepping behind me and enveloping me in his arms, hanging clothes to dry outside, an actual whistling wind, watching the travels of snails in my fish bowls, chocolate, Beyonce and David Bowie and dancing to "Happy"

I Am Grateful:

  • for Beyonce's Lemonade (every bit of it, but especially "All Night," which just destroys me; this week I've been addicted to listening to it on repeat in the mornings while getting ready for work [and crying]).
  • when, on a Thursday night (my night to put him to bed), my boy doesn't get out of bed even once (as usual), but falls quickly asleep, his Wolverine action figure in bed next to him.
  • to Wolfman, immensely, eternally, when he cleans the master bathroom.
  • to the woman working in the aquarium section of Petsmart who is so engaging with Mads and Ella.
  • for the home-smoked pork butt Stephen brings into work, and to eat pieces of it with our fingers, leaning over the break room table with my work family.
  • that Lunchbox is always so happy to see me when I come home from work, and that he follows me around the house wagging his tail until I love on him.
  • for jasmine rice.
  • for peaceful protest and Nazis getting throat punched.
  • for swivel glider chairs.
  • for the $14 lobster roll Grandma buys me from the butcher shop.
  • for the extra chili/slaw dog Vincent brings me from Snoopy's.
  • for weird, fancypants World Market chocolates.
  • for colorful found knit afghans draped across the back of my sofa.
  • that Martigan is starting to look so much like his dad.

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