Tuesday, January 17, 2017

365 | I slept it away, I sexed it away, I read it away

Sunday 1 January 2017, New Year's Day | Winters in North Carolina: grey, brown, wet, ruining my boots.
Monday 2 January 2017 | I still haven't figured out if I'm good at my job or not, if it's sustainable, if there's commission to be had. So, that's something to worry about.
Tuesday 3 January 2017 | Mads and I spent the morning squishing bitter tangerines in the woods for critters.
Wednesday 4 January 2017 | I've been awake by myself a lot at night. I don't mean late in the night (I am not a night owl). Just, since Wolfman's been sick he does not last long after we get our boy to bed, and I'm gifted an hour to myself before I join him. I curl up in the bean bag chair, usually, and listen to music in headphones. I haven't done that, just closed my eyes, relaxed, and listened to music for a while, years maybe.
Thursday 5 January 2017 | In the thicket beyond the fence of our back yard, I lifted an old tire up to show Mads and Ella what was underneath. I was expecting worms and roly-poly bugs, not this little jeweled lizard, all curled up and hibernating in the wet dirt. Ella exclaimed not at the lizard, but me. "You're so strong, Mimi!" she said.
Friday 6 January 2017 | We've got weather coming our way--perhaps up to 9 inches. Although, I doubt very much we'll have that degree of precipitation. That many inches of snow only ever hits us by surprise. If our weathermen are predicting it, it just won't happen. We'll get something, I don't doubt that. And something will put the whole region on pause. Something is enough. Wolfman and I have been looking forward to a weather day for a while. We've planned a double feature of The Thing and The Shining, and we're stocked up on R.J. MacReady's booze of choice.
Saturday 7 January 2017 | I only have one good room in the house for growing things, and in case you haven't heard, I love growing things. (Growing things may be my calling, my thing.) The house situated in the wrong direction and so misses all the good light to be had. But, the bay windows in the dining nook give me enough to keep some things alive. Wolfman took out the leaf in our dining table and pushed it closer to the kitchen island for me. When I saw the extra room I exclaimed, "Now I can get more plants!" No, that's not what he had in mind. Now I (we) have more room to maneuver around the plants I have. I appreciate the gesture, regardless.
Sunday 8 January 2017 | Mads and I ventured out into the snow today (Mads mostly just ate the snow). Lunchbox came out with us but wandered too close to the street for my liking and either couldn't hear me call him or pretended not to hear me call him. I finally got his attention, and he glumly walked back toward the house, slowly, like his bones ache. I let him inside to be with his man. Wolfman told me he wrapped Lunchbox up in a towel and rubbed him dry like a child, like a prince.
Wednesday 11 January 2017 | In the slow moments at work, I read a book about gardening. I'm not wishing winter away, but an integral part of winter seems to be cozily dreaming of and planning for spring.
Thursday 12 January 2017 | During last night's full moon, I moved around my kitchen silently, trimming back my overgrown Jade and Wandering Jew. I have a new collection of clippings for propagation, and to make room for them I potted together some of my previously propagated succulents. Here is my little nursery, babies tucked into fresh dirt. 

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