Thursday, February 4, 2016

Photo Journal | 365 | woke to the dawning of Osiris, see the world as it was new...

079/365 - Monday 18 January 2016, Martin Luther King Jr. Day | The hoary grip of death is upon us, or, just a paper thin layer of ice on the yard. Same dif; this is North Carolina we're talking about.
080/365 - Tuesday 19 January 2016 | We missed the RenFaire this past year--too much flux, not enough funds. By November 2016, I will have so much HUZZAH built up in my system. We're already planning costumes and itinerary. I'd wanted to dress Mads as Robin Hood, with the addition of a fox tail (because Disney's animated Robin Hood is, perhaps, my all-time favorite animated Disney film, and Mads loves it, too). But, then Mads discovered Jake and the Neverland Pirates and arrrrgh. Likely, we will attend the 2016 RenFaire with a pirate in tow. When the Raleigh Rescue Mission van pulled up to empty out our donation bin today, I saw Jake on the grill and had to run out and snap a photo, for my pirate at home.
081/365 - Wednesday 20 January 2016 | I have but three simple, daily goals in parenting my son: 1. Read to him. 2. Listen to music with him. 3. Go outside with him. Some days our outside time is rushed, like today. We went out about half an hour before I needed to be on the road to work. And Mads, the boyest of boys, traveled far into a thicket at the side of the house, a true thicket to be traversed only by the small, pliable bodies of children and cats. I couldn't follow him, could only kneel at the edge and coax him back to me when my time ran short. 
082/365 - Thursday 21 January 2016 | Oh, Winter.
083/365 - Friday 22 January 2016 | Woke to ice tinkling down over the house. Oh. Winter.
084/365 - Saturday 23 January 2016 | None of my dread over winter touches Mads, of course. He could care less about missed work and icy roads. He wants only to play, to explore, to be close to the people and things he loves. When I was a girl, winter was my favorite season.
085/365 - Sunday 24 January 2016 | Made a tiny snow man and stuck him in the freezer. We'll take him out in the spring and ritualistically melt him in the garden. We don't sacrifice animals or virgins for our magicks, just snow men.

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