Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thankful Thursday | the spirit winds

I am Grateful:
  • to Jared, for getting Mads in to see a doctor while I was stuck at work worrying, for antibiotics, that my baby wasn't (and isn't) seriously ill.
  • for leftover Christmas chocolate.
  • that when I spill coffee down my front, it is caught in my camo-print scarf and, indeed, camouflaged.
  • for being able to get lost in my work when I otherwise feel like a raw nerve.
  • for compliments from strangers.
  • for lemon rosemary rotisserie chicken, pieced and cold for lunch, and I am grateful to Grandma for insisting on taking me to Fresh Market for the good rotisserie chicken.
  • for stars as they pass, for the recollection of how their work and art has touched and formed my life, for the affection I have felt for them, though we never met.
  • to discuss books and ideas with Wolfman, to be intellectually stimulated by my partner daily, to know and have reinforced daily that it was, in part, his big ol' brain that I fell in love with first.
  • to Sandra and Tommy for helping us in the continuance of the Brunhilde Repair Saga, for leaving their Acura behind for us to borrow, for taking our Xtera away to be looked at for a very fair price, to Sandra for bringing Mads a bird nest from her yard, found that morning, and holding it in the palm of her hand while explaining to Mads that it once was a home for baby birds.
  • when Jared comes by the store to pick me up from work and mentions an idea of mine to April, who stops what she's doing to attend the idea, which impresses Jared muchly, which impresses me; I am grateful for such an excellent, supportive boss.
  • for the mall employee discount at Firestone.
  • for the visit from Christina and baby Joshua (just 7 weeks old!) at work, and all the baby talk, and all the baby nostalgia.
  • Tuesday's brief snow did not stick to the ground and lasted only a few minutes.
  • to learn from our neighbor that Woodrow has, indeed, found a new home, and not only that but a home in which he is being spoiled, babied, and adored.
  • to the customer at the shop who took her little dog, Lily, out of her pet stroller for Martigan's benefit.
  • for Wolfman's bacon chocolate chip cookies and his pursuit of the perfection of that recipe, the rewards of which I reap.
  • for a good-looking husband who also makes good waffles.
  • listening to Buckethead's "The Spirit Winds" while watching my beautiful clothes twisting and turning in the cold wind outside.
  • to watch my little boy running--for his strong legs, his strong body.

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