Sunday, February 14, 2016

Photo Journal | 365 | just leave me here before the grace of everything divine

086/365 - Monday 25 January 2016 | Wolfman sits Martigan on his lap with the guitar every day. How musical this little boy is astonishes me, as do so many things about him. These are his dad's genes--Martigan's talent, his good looks, his affection, and 73% of his smarts.
087/365 - Tuesday 26 January 2016 | Sunrise.
088/365 - Wednesday 27 January 2016 | Accidental favorite photo.
089/365 - Thursday 28 January 2016 | I mentioned reading up on etiquette and manners to my co-worker, Chase, and he joked, "We'll turn you into a people person yet!" It is a little strange, looking at my life currently, to realize I'm in the service trenches. A lot of my job is quietly beautifying, sure, and then a lot of it is politely nodding and enthusiastically answering inquiries I've heard thousands, no trillions, of times. 
090/365 - Friday 29 January 2016, Court Day | Jasmine green tea and journaling after a long, long day in court.
091/365 - Saturday 30 January 2016 | Some of the more unique pieces in my collection, capturing the light just right.
092/365 - Sunday 31 January 2016, Day Off | Lunchbox is as handsome as he is smelly.

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