Monday, January 18, 2016

Photo Journal | 365 | and I will sing, waiting for the gift of sound and vision

065/365 - Monday 4 January 2016 | I'm collecting sunsets, not for the first time in my life.
066/365 - Tuesday 5 January 2016 | One of my January goals was to set up a proper altar and magickal corner in my bedroom. It's not finished, but getting there, and what a sense of calm that fact brings me.
067/365 - Wednesday 6 January 2016 | Before-bed journaling, just like Mom.
068/365 - Thursday 7 January 2016 | Cardboard forts, a requirement for any proper boyhood.
069/365 - Friday 8 January 2016 | A better gift left on my car than what the birds usually leave.
070/365 - Saturday 9 January 2016 | On this mannequin is a $158 tunic from Anthropologie and $258 pair of Cache leather pants. I know this because both have original tags intact. We're selling them for $30 a piece (which, still, is too rich for my blood). This is a public service announcement: stop buying new, full price clothes; you are wasting your money.
071/365 - Sunday 10 January 2016 | Oh, Winter.
072/365 - Monday 11 January 2016 | Last day with our rental, Martigan's "new red car", the 2015 Ford Quinceanera. Brunhilde comes home today.
073/365 - Tuesday 12 January 2016 | I don't think I'm a good friend. I mean well, and I aspire to be a good friend to people who deserve good friends, an active listener, a thoughtful giver, all that. The truth, however, is that people--their emotions and expectations--exhaust and worry me. Today I was given two for-no-reason gifts by two people fairly new and ancillary in my life. My co-worker, Marilyn, gave me this Betsy Johnson snake bracelet, and my husband's friend Crist's new bride, Sheila, whom I've only met in person thrice, hand-painted this stunning tee for me. I don't deserve things like this, but I want to.
074/365 - Wednesday 13 January 2016 | Sunset again.
075/365 - Thursday 14 January 2016 | Wolfman's mom brought Mads a little nest she found in her yard today. She's done more than that--she and her husband, Tommy, left a car with us to borrow and drove Brunhilde away to finish the work she needs done. But, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around that kind of generosity. It's easier for me to focus on this little nest in my boy's hands, how amazed he was by this thing, and what kind of magick it was that Sandra saw this nest and thought of Mads.
076/365 - Friday 15 January 2016 | I've started reading books again. I've missed this.
077/365 - Saturday 16 January 2016 | Did a little sun gazing on the drive in to work. #magick 
078/365 - Sunday 17 January 2016 | This is what grandmas are best for: the snow was not a pleasant type, but very cold and very wet. But, Grandma was pretty insistent that the toddlers get bundled up and go play in it anyways, though we moms hemmed and hawed. Grandma was right, of course. The toddlers spent all of five minutes outside before wanting to come in and warm up, but those five minutes were important. It might not snow again this year.


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