Friday, December 4, 2015

The Wolfwardrobe | hark how the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem to say throw cares away

Beanie - Rue 21 | Jacket - Jennifer Lopez, resale (Uptown Cheapskate) | Tank - Old Navy, second-hand (Grandma) | Skirt - Sugar Magnolia | Boots - Nine West, resale (Butterfly Exchange)
I have slight guilt over buying this jacket at another resale shop, as if I'm cheating on my shop. I only went into Uptown Cheapskate because my sister is a big fan, and while she was searching for a winter coat, I found this little jacket, marked down to under $3. I liked the peachy color, it looked nice on me, and I couldn't resist. This outfit is a fun one, with all the boho-ness that is typical for me but just a dash of Diane Keaton tossed in. (I recently re-watched Baby Boom [and cried at parts].)
Earrings - The Wired Lady, handmade, gift (Bonnie, BeYOUtiful Butterfly Boutique) | Necklace [cameo] - gift (Wolfman) | Necklace [river pearls] - Light Years
Hoodie - second-hand (Grandma) | Dress - GAP, second-hand (Grandma) | Boots - Sander's Boots, vintage, second-hand (Grandma)
Last month, I went through one of my grandma's closets with her. Grandma is a consummate thrifter, and she has a closet full of beautiful things which she doesn't mind sharing with me. I don't know who made this little hoodie; the original owner cut the tags out. Cut-out tags are a no-no at my resale shop, but in a thrift store, it doesn't really matter (there are no rules), much to my benefit in this case. Once I settled in at my job, I stopped perusing clothes racks at thrift stores. I still thrift, but I tend to keep to the perimeter of second-hand shops, focusing on household goods. To be honest, it was a bit of a relief--shopping for clothes in a thrift store takes a steely heart; it is a task full of frustration and disappointment. But, isn't that part of what makes thrifting one's wardrobe such a thrill? There's a questing nature to it, and finding pieces in good condition that fit one's body and personality? That's a triumph. I've been missing that feeling of accomplishment lately.
Earrings - Pididdly Links, vintage (Ordinary & Extraordinary [closed]) | Necklace [diamond] - gift (Grandma) | Necklace [cowgirl] - Light Years
Jacket - New Directions, consignment (Peterson's Consigning Design) | Top - Chaps, thrifted (GCF) | Jeans - Rock & Republic, resale (The Butterfly Exchange) | Boots - Restricted (Burlington Coat Factory)
Bury me in this outfit. No, bury me in a floor-length purple velvet cloak--with this underneath it. On my first visit to Peterson's Consigning Design, this little gypsy jacket nearly jumped off the rack at me. It pairs perfectly, in both color and shape, with this little Chaps top that caught my eye as I was leaving Goodwill one day. The jeans I tried on completely on a whim. I've never worn Rock & Republic jeans, so I was skeptical these would fit, though they were my size. I just love that Southwestern print, so I gave them a shot promising myself I wouldn't feel too bad if they didn't work. And, lo! They fit beautifully, snug against my butt in the most flattering way. I felt good wearing this; I felt like me.
Earrings - Green Tree Jewelry, made from sustainable resources, gift (Lindsey) | Necklace - Holly Fields of Gold, handmade (Pagan Pride Festival, 2015) | Bracelet [multi-strand] - Baik Baik (BeYOUtiful Butterfly Boutique) | Bracelet [turquoise] - gift (April)

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