Saturday, December 5, 2015

Photo Journal | 365 | if you really love Christmas, come on and let it snow

028/365 - Saturday 28 November 2015 | Thanksgiving came and went a little uneventfully, which means it's hard for me to believe I'm staring down the barrel at another Christmas season. I do love being Santa's helper, though. This year I drafted another helper to Santa's ranks. The signature my say Gypsy, The Elf, but that's really just a nom de plume for my lovely coworker, Serena, who has the loveliest, loopiest, most elvish of handwriting.
029/365 - Sunday 29 November 2015 | Took a brief walk on my lunch break to the tree stand in the mall's parking lot. I wanted to scope out the prices on little trees, yes, but mostly, I just wanted to inhale deeply all that pine and pretend I was standing in a forest. I'm enjoying the novelty of this giant snowman standing sentry in the parking lot this year, like a cheery, yuletide Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
030/365 - Monday 30 November 2015 | The elves paid a visit to our house in the night and left a package on the doorstep for Mads. He was not at all surprised by this happening, but took it in stride as a fact of his magical existence.
031/365 - Tuesday 1 December 2015 | Classy Humans Alert. Mads and Wolfman have contracted some form of The Sick; we live with snot this week. I stayed up for much of the night rocking Mads in the armchair in an attempt to keep him as upright as possible and relieve some of his congestion. (His ragged, wet breaths scared me to death when I checked on him before putting myself to bed.) For the first three months of his life, Mads and I slept in Bob's armchair, Mads' fuzzy little head tucked under my chin. Newborn care has not been my favorite stage of parenting, but I miss his so small sleeping body in my arms, laying against my chest.
032/365 - Wednesday 2 December 2015 | We were not planning to buy our tree tonight. When Wolfman and Mads picked me up from work, we decided to walk across the parking lot so Mads could take a look at that big ol' snowman. But, after passing through the trees, Wolfman and I communicated in a series of shrugs the decision to go ahead and buy our tree, the littlest tree--barely taller than Mads and a whopping $25. That dollar amount seems so silly to me considering Mads actually helped the man running the lot carry the tree to our car (that is how tiny and light it is). But, then again, this tree's life was cut short so we could enjoy its company in our home this December. I suppose $25 isn't that bad, and the people of Mistletoe Meadows were nice--nice goes a long way.
033/365 - Thursday 3 December 2015 | A good day, for no reason in particular. In the morning, we ate breakfast at Bojangles, my men and me. I love actually eating inside fast food restaurants, maybe because it's a rare occurrence. I always notice the dining rooms are filled only with people of a certain age (and older), maybe because they're the only ones who take their time. The trees in the parking lot of this particular Bojangles are the most beautiful--truly, award-worthy parking lot trees.
034/365 - Friday 4 December 2015 | Our tiniest tree is up and decorated! Wolfman and I will spend every waking moment for the next week redirecting little hands from removing all these ornaments I love so much, but those little hands will not be so little forever. After coming home last night from Grandma and Grandpa's house where we visited briefly and picked up our two bins of decorations, we turned on some holiday music and danced and unwrapped treasures. My not-so-little hands will spend the next month rearranging ornaments on the tree as well, always trying to find the perfect placement.

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