Monday, December 14, 2015

Photo Journal | 365 | oh the lights across the street, they look so warm, they look so sweet

035/365 - Saturday 5 December 2015 | When I first started, like, dating dating Wolfman (the type of dating with kisses), it was the part of December just days before Christmas. He drove me to this house we live in now, and it seemed so far from everything. His neighbors had lights draped in the forest of trees across the road (they do it every year, I've since discovered). Everything was so strange and magical, like stepping foot on another planet.
036/365 - Sunday 6 December 2015 | Once, when Mads was about a year old, we were in the baby section of a Target, passing by all those newborn-sized onesies and sleepers on the way to something useful, and my grandma paused to ask, "Don't those make you want to have another baby?" I recoiled in a sort of exaggerated but not insincere disgust/horror. Mads is two now, and I'm still pretty firm on my decision (one of self-preservation more than anything else) not to have another baby, however cute their clothes are hanging empty in a store. I do feel a slight flush of whimsy and envy and longing when I see pregnant women, though. I complained about pregnancy at the time, because it was the thing to do. The truth, though, is that I loved being pregnant, and I excelled at it. My co-worker, Christina, is nearing her due date. If I'd seen these little knighted onesies when Mads was still my grumpy newborn garden gnome, he'd have worn them. But, those days are gone, so I bought them for Christina's baby boy to wear instead. 
037/365 - Monday 7 November 2015 | I read in the N&O that this has been the rainiest year in North Carolina history since 1948 (or '49?). Sunshine is a big deal lately.
038/365 - Tuesday 8 December 2015, Day Off | Walking a greenway here in Apex, we passed a felled tree. I pointed out the root system to Mads, and his dad asked, "What do you think knocked that tree over, buddy? A giant?" We found the right spot for our voices to echo under the high way bridges. On the other side of the bridges, we found a big hole in the red clay mud, which Wolfman determined to be a giant foot print, likely the same giant who knocked over that tree we passed. 
 039/365 - Wednesday 9 December 2015 | I want ours to be that house in the neighborhood with the creepy scarecrow hanging askew in a creepy tree in the yard. The ghost on this scarecrow's coveralls is awfully friendly looking, though.
040/365 - Thursday 10 December 2015 | "Mads if you don't start listening to me, we have to go inside," is a thing I will repeat approximately thirty times before following through. Eventually, I do have to follow through. It bums the both of us out.
041/365 - Friday 11 December 2015, Day Off | If Wolfman wrote this blog, it would be about leather, blades, guitar, runes, his dog and his kid. It would be a damn handsome blog.

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