Monday, December 21, 2015

Photo Journal | 365 | maybe I'll just get drunk on apple wine, me I'll be just fine

042/365 - Saturday 12 December 2015 | A customer at the shop today exclaimed when she saw me, "Oh, you are so adorable!" She asked what era my ensemble was inspired by, and the truth is that it's a little bit of all of them and none of them and I am infinite. That's not what I told her. This past week Wolfman affectionately mentioned my diction; he told me I pronounce my words as if I have my chin tilted up just slightly in the air. But, then, also, he teased me as I worked on one of these blog posts by making the "rawr rawr" noise from the SNL Bein Quirky with Zooey Deschanel skit. and whispering, "unicorns!" So.
043/365 - Sunday 13 December 2015, Day Off | All morning long I'd been reminding myself to bring my camera along on the day's adventures. But of course, as I gathered up our things and ushered Mads out the door, I left my camera on the table in our foyer--it was right there nestled in the basket of gloves and caps when I returned home in the evening. It doesn't matter, because it was such a shit day and our tiniest tree with all my Island of Misfit Toys ornaments was the most welcoming, comforting, beautiful sight of the day.
044/365 - Monday 14 December 2015 | Loot. I found this photo strip in the Cary Goodwill--not for sale, just sitting on top of a table. I'm a collector of lost things--photos, notes, little girls' hair bows. I wonder about the people who left these artifacts behind the way I wonder about people whose cars I glance inside while we're all stopped at red lights. I hope everyone's doing alright.
045/365 - Tuesday 15 December 2015 | I don't know if I'll ever get good at taking photos of myself.
046/365 - Wednesday 16 December 2015, Day Off | I have this theory that Thorn is the Highlander of cats. At one time, we had quite a few outdoor cats, a glaring of cats (that's the real word for it). But, one by one they've left us to find other homes, or mistakenly been adopted by well-meaning, cat-stealing neighbors, or Thorn ate their souls to make himself stronger. He's definitely an eater-of-souls, with the most hilariously jiggly jelly belly of all.
047/365 - Thursday 17 December 2015 | I borrowed a tagua nut necklace from the boutique because I realized half way through my work day I wasn't glammy enough. This is a real need in my life at this moment--more glam.
048/365 - Friday 18 December 2015 | These little cave bugs keep finding their way inside the house. Caught this one reading Martigan's favorite book.

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