Thursday, August 2, 2012

Photo Journal, no. 42 | Meals Lately

Dinner by Wolfman: grilled beef shoulder, brown rice, peas & corn.
Dinner by Wolfman: zucchini parmesan with linguine & meat marinara.
Lunch from Square Rabbit: salmon burger with rosemary olive oil chips.
Dinner by Wolfman: Stuffed zucchini (couscous, feta, corn, green pepper, so many spices, and perhaps more).

Breakfast: curried couscous with raw zucchini and a fried egg.
Dinner: almond milk & kale salad with avocado and dehydrated peas.
All of these meals (excluding the very green salad) happened before my detox, which I keep meaning to write about, but keep putting off.  Though a bulk of my Year and a Day-related research lately has been food, health, and holistic medicine-related, I kind of hate talking about food.  No, I don't hate talking about food.  I hate talking and writing about diet.  (I feel like such a cliche!)  But, I will eventually commit something to this here humble little blog.  Eventually. 

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