Monday, July 30, 2012

Photo Journal, no. 41 | Grandma's Sketchbook

Michelle's honey bees.
Michelle hanging clothes.
Michelle and her chickens
Teenage Michelle and Stripe
Michelle dreams
Michelle, Jared, and Lunchbox
Sierra Dawn and Sputnik
Sierra Dawn in Greensboro
Grandma's self-portrait
Sierra Dawn and Michelle, first snow, 2000.

Grandma's taken up sketching again.  On Saturday, I spent some time in her kitchen, noticed the back pack of my sister's old art supplies sitting at the table and had the pleasure of perusing the tiny sketchbook which was mostly empty the last time I'd visited.  I love these sketches, and I hope Grandma forgives me for posting them here (the pictures do not capture their vivid colors and liveliness).  What I love, most, is that in some ways Grandma's sketches of me cater to my vanity--she draws cartoon versions of me as I'd like to live, with my chickens and bees, in my ethnic prints and big earrings.  My grandma dreams for me, which makes me feel so lucky, and so validated.  I've included some of her sketches of my sister, and the sketch of herself as well, because they're just so lovely.  I couldn't resist.

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