Monday, August 6, 2012

Photo Journal, no. 44 | From the Farm

Marbled bell peppers, tomatoes, peaches, and a weird little melon of some sort which was so sugary sweet.  Sometimes, I think it's a good idea to pick up fruits and vegetables you don't recognize, or can only vaguely identify, and then devour them without bothering to learn their names.  Mystery food straight from Gaia's cafeteria!  When I was taking pictures at the Carden Farm Stand, Wolfman took a little distance from me.  I said, "I'm sorry I embarrass you," and he answered, "No, it's not that.  But sometimes you do act like a tourist."  Wolfman was born and raised in Apex, so tourist-ing around these parts is bizarre to him.  But, being a tourist in your home town isn't a bad idea, I think, nor is embarrassing my husband on occasion. 

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