Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rumination, no. 11 | 29th Year

As of today, I am three weeks in to my 29th Year living on this planet Earth (or Gaia, if you prefer).  Here are some of my goals:

  • Create a successful garden
  • Build a vermicomposter
  • Re-learn to use a sewing machine
  • Get a ham radio license
  • Visit the beach
  • Visit the mountains
  • Get a driver's license, finally
  • Attend 1 Unitarian Universalist service
  • Read 10 Esoteric books
  • Try 50 new recipes
  • Make home cleaning & hygeine supplies
  • Learn to be serene & still
  • Purchase health insurance, or find a job with benefits
  • Compile a Book of Shadows
Is this a lot?  I can't tell.  Three weeks in, I've accomplished none of these things, fyi.

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