Monday, June 27, 2016

The Wolfwardrobe | you should be wearing the finest gown, but here you are now: gas, food, lodging, poverty, misery, and gardenia

Jacket - resale | Dress/Tunic - Sacred Threads (BeYOUtiful Butterfly Boutique) | Capris - resale | Shoes - Crocs (Rack Room Shoes)
So, I haven't bought anything new (i.e. not used) for my wardrobe in ages, shoes included. But, through a couple of key finds at my little resale shop, I've discovered that I really like Crocs. They are an ugly kinda cute that I dig, and they feel good on these weary mom/shopgirl feet. In fact, I think I was wearing my ugly (not at all cute) forest camo Crocs as I was taking a mall walk on my break and saw that Rack Room carries my new favorite shoe brand. I bought these pretty pink/coral t-straps on sale for $30. Maybe that's a deal, but typically my entire outfit costs around $30 (if that). Still, I'm good with this fiscal decision. I will wear these things all freaking summer long. [Jacket previously worn here.]
Jacket - resale | Tank - resale | Pants - resale  | Bra - Coobie (BeYOUtiful Butterfly Boutique) | Sandals - FitFlop (BeYOUtiful Butterfly Boutique) | Belt - second-hand (Grandma) | Necklace - gift (Selena)
Funky patterned palazzo pants (or patio pants, or whatever it is they should be called depending on whatever criteria) are becoming favorite statement pieces in my wardrobe. I'm collecting them as they come into my shop (the ones that do my butt justice, anyways). Of course, as I write this, I realize that nearly every piece in my wardrobe is a statement piece. (I struggle to justify buying basics.) The point is: I dig these comfy ass pants (either reading of "comfy ass pants" is correct). [Tank previously worn here.]
Jacket - resale | Tee - resale | Skirt - resale | Leggings - resale | Boots - second-hand (Grandma) 
Tees, mostly the ones I bought at concerts, were once a staple of my wardrobe. And then, in one of those rash wardrobe-cleansing moves I always regret, I got rid of all but a handful. Now, I am slowly building my tee collection once more. Since I never spend more than $10 on any one piece of my wardrobe, I'm not really shopping for tees so much as letting them come to me--like this Cry-Baby tee I pulled out of a white trash bag while working at the buying counter in the shop. Oh, the pop culture gods were smiling down on me that day. [Jacket previously worn here.]
Jacket - second-hand (mother) | Top - resale | Camisole - resale | Jeans - Old Navy | Shoes - resale | Scarf (on head) - resale
I don't know how to wear my mother's old Air Force jacket except with florals (and if those florals are soft and Victorian, even better). I'm aware looking at these photos, as I was on this day, that this is not the most flattering ensemble on my particular body--unlike the fitted Cry-Baby tee and pencil skirt combo above in which my body looks slinky and bangin, this tent-blouse drapes over my body as if I'm smuggling a raw turkey. I look pregnant-ish in still-shots. Moving, however, with all the float and flow of this top, I felt like an angel in an old military jacket. (Or better yet, a ghooooOOooOst.) [See this post for jacket details.]

Here are a few other looks from the past few months that I never got around to posting:

All items purchased resale at BeYOUtiful Butterfly's Butterfly Exchange in Cary, NC with the exception of the peach jacket in the first ensemble, purchased at Uptown Cheapskate.

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