Thursday, November 5, 2015

#ThankfulThursday | I was born to use my eyes, dream with the sun and the skies

I Am Grateful:

  • to Grandma, for always being so thoughtful, so generous, for not forgetting my husband's birthday, for buying Mads a jacket, two coats, and four pairs of shoes for the upcoming cold months.
  • to Grandpa, for taking requests from us for crock pot meals he can make us.
  • to Bob, for the New Braunfel ham Wolfman found waiting for him on the front porch for his birthday.
  • for the massive drop off of clothes I inspected early in the month at work, though much of it was declined--a drop off full of obviously thrifted, vintage clothes from the 80s and early 90s, the pieces themselves delightful, some nostalgia-inducing, but also for the inspiration they sparked in me, for the reminder of how fun and creative the thrifting of one's wardrobe can be, the endeavor of finding hidden possibility in outdated, discarded garments; I am grateful, also, for the timeliness of this drop off, which came just at a time when I was feeling a little uninspired and lazy in regards to my own wardrobe and the curating thereof.
  • for simple conversation with co-workers, about food, babies, local events, all sorts of other things and the soothing feeling of normalcy it produced in me, my social anxieties forgotten.
  • for the warmth and firmness of my husband's hand resting on my thigh.
  • to every person for whom taking down decorations is much more difficult a task than putting them up; I will never mind seeing evidence of Halloween or Christmas weeks after the fact.
  • for the people who upload old B-horror movies, in their entirety, onto Youtube.
  • for the adorable young man behind the counter at Five Guys who gave us an extra scoop of french fries and smiled so sweetly when he handed over that greasy paper bag.
  • for the dirty bottoms of Martigan's once-white socks.
  • to Wolfman when he rocks Mads to sleep, so much gentler a method for getting Mads to sleep than anything I've come up with.
  • for the joy of wearing new (or, at least, new to me) clothes.
  • for the satisfying womping sound the air conditioner makes at work when it turns on.
  • for Jared and Mads waiting at the window for me when I get home from work, tapping on it in greeting.
  • for Laika.
  • for pizza delivery.
  • for the "unfollow" feature on Facebook.
  • for Nick Drake at bedtime.

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