Monday, November 9, 2015

Madmartigan, 2 Years Old | I look just like Buddy Holly

About Mads, 2 Years and 3 Months Old:
  • Remember how I said Mads was saying "I love you" ("I wub you") with some coaxing? Now he says it without any coaxing at all. This is one of those milestones, like when he first smiled or when he first laughed, that I have been waiting for a long time, and I could write a lot of treacly mush about this, but I'll just leave it at this: he says, "I wub you," and sometimes, "I wub you, too."
  • He walks around the house kissing lady shaped things, like the witch on my bedside table or the cowgirl pictured on a tile necklace I sometimes wear.
  • Martigan says, "I cited!" ["I'm excited!"]
  • On the ride to work one morning, I point out the trees to Mads and ask, "Aren't they pretty?" He answers, "I eat trees!"
  • The first piece of candy he chose from his Trick-or-Treat stash was a little package of sweet tarts.
  • Mads loves rolling his cars and trucks down a little makeshift ramp in the living room. 
  • Mads requests that Lunchbox come trick-or-treating with us next year. When asked what his costume should be, Mads says he should wear a butt on his butt.
  • This is a new development, and so it keeps surprising me that Mads is tall enough to reach up and take things off the kitchen counter--like his trick-or-treat bucket, or the gigantic greasy bag of french fries from Five Guys.
  • He eats like his dad, very slowly, very carefully, particularly when he's eating something he really loves. He's great at savoring his food, closing his eyes all dreamily as he chews. He says, "Yum!" "I like this!" "That's good!" And when Grandma gave him a little espresso cup full of farm custard, he took a sip and exclaimed, "That's choc-late!"
  • Martigan most often gets in trouble for either kicking or throwing things. To remedy this, Grandma suggested, wisely, that we buy him some balls for kicking and throwing that he can play with outside.
  • Mads' most commonly asked questions are "What are you doing?" and "Where you going?"
  • Mads loves pushing those mini "shopper-in-training" carts at the grocery store and announcing to all he is doing so.
  • Mads has started pretending--that the laundry basket is a boat, that his mostly eaten half of toast is a shoe running, that his toy trains and trucks talk to each other, and that everything, in the end, flies up to the sky.
  • Mads is using a big boy cup, with some success (and also some un-success). 
  • Mads says, "That's cool."
  • His favorite shows/movies this month were: Thomas & Friends, Corpse Bride, Robin Hood
  • His favorite books this month were: Chicken Cheeks, Grandfather Twilight, Slinky Malinki, Where is the Green Sheep?

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