Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Photo Journal | I want to see you dance again, because I'm still in love with you on this harvest moon

The day after Halloween, DJ's farm stand closed for the season. So, perhaps, before we all become too inundated with Christmas, I should post photos of some of the Autumnal things we did last month. Though not a proper pumpkin patch (the pumpkins don't grow out of the ground here), that's what we call DJ's in the month of October. We pass the farm stand on our way to and from Cary, and for the whole month squealed every time we caught sight of all that orange. Mads got to sit up in the antique tractor; he somehow instinctively knew to jiggle at the joysticks at his feet. I'd been thinking to myself, "How am I ever going to get him out of that tractor?" imagining removing him by force and the fit that would ensue, putting a damper on the whole event. But, when the shiny, green, new tractor pulled in to move around crates of pumpkins, Mads watched it for a moment then exclaimed, "Okay. I drive that one," and voluntarily climbed down from the antique.

I was so excited for this damn Harvest Festival. I requested the day off months in advance and had all kinds of visions, informed by Disney Channel original movies probably, of eating caramel apples and carving pumpkins and I don't even know what else. The day's disappointments started when I learned early in the morning as I re-perused the Parks & Recreation event guide that the Halloween dance the town was hosting, the thing I was most excited about and had most pumped Mads up for, was only for kids ages 5-12. Not only would Mads not be able to attend, but he wouldn't be able to attend for another three years. Color me bummed. The day was hot, the two-seat wagon I was carting the toddlers around in was heavy and cumbersome, and the festival didn't seem all that autumnal to me. It just seemed like a random gathering of people and vendors around a bouncy castle. I'm glad we went, if only because the teacher of one of the dance troops performing taught a Ghostbusters dance to kids in the audience who wanted to participate. Mads declined, but we couldn't have stopped Ella if we tried.

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