Sunday, November 1, 2015

Photo Journal | Autumn reached for her golden crown

Of our first autumn farm visit last year, I will always remember Ella in her monster costume and Mads pointing at the goats and calling them "dada" (dog/dad). Of this year, I will remember slipping and sliding through a mud-slick corn maze, with Mads on one hip and my warty witchy pumpkin on the other, my sister and grandma, not the most athletic or outdoorsy of women, grumbling ahead and behind me respectively (Sierra, like me, with a toddler monkey-clinging to her). It's funny in retrospect, of course, but I nearly ruined the moccasins Jared made me, Mads did fall in the stinky-compost mud the moment he ventured to walk, and popping out of the corn maze, finally, only to have our relief replaced by the sinking realization that we'd come out the wrong side and the hay cart was nowhere in sight, well... The things that Mads and Ella loved most about this year's farm trip were simple--running through and climbing on top of hay bales, sinking down into a cool corn crib (Mads particularly loved being buried in the corn; he smiled all dreamily like the hedonist he is). It didn't seem to matter to the kids that they were surrounded by dozens of parents with dozens of cameras. Kids do what kids do.

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