Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thankful Thursday | a single gesture of sweet emotion, a single notion of bitter potion, a strawberry-flavored composition

I Am Grateful:
  • for running water.
  • to have a husband when the toilet clogs.
  • for the way Mads wraps his arms around my neck so tight when I kiss him goodnight.
  • when I lean my forehead against the cool monkey bars at the playground with Mads and right at that moment a breeze blows over me.
  • for a coconut cream latte at the cafe with coconut oil in it.
  • for the patience and grace of regulars at the cafe when the men I love are not at their best, when Wolfman is in a stormy mood and Mads is in a stinky mood.
  • that there is an end to summer in sight.
  • that I did not get into an accident in the Beaver Creek parking lot (though I almost did, and it would totally have been my fault).
  • for Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Philip DeFranco--for people who see and highlight the absurdity in current events, even sad and scary ones, and can reduce it all down to me in a palatable, digestible little blip of humor (and comfort) at the end of my day.
  • for the Deadpool Pizza Special, finally (black olives and pineapple). Yum!
  • for immediate call backs when I send out my resume. 
  • for coconut butter.
  • for Wolfman's Halloween enthusiasm even though (especially because), admittedly and shamefully, I'm not quite feeling it yet.
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