Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thankful Thursday | and if you want we'll make it good before my mood swings

I don't feel like doing this tonight, which means I definitely need to.

I Am Grateful:

  • for Grandma surprising me as we leave the science museum with a pair of honey bee stud earrings she'd bought at the gift shop.
  • for coffee.
  • for running through sprinklers with Mads.
  • for tater tots so crispy it's like eating nothing at all.
  • for pizza delivery, and to eat a dinner I didn't have to make or clean up after with my funny little family at the dining table.
  • for my baby's small, excited, happy voice--particularly when I hear it on a day he's otherwise been so grumpy.
  • for tattoo artists on Instagram.
  • for consumers at the farmer's market who are concerned enough and passionate enough to ask questions about where their meat comes from, even when all those questions and all that conversation inconveniences me as I wait in line to buy some Polish sausage.
  • for the smell of my new whim-purchased live basil filling up the cab of the car as I drive home from work and the grocery store.
  • for the opportunity to grocery shop alone.
  • to be working again.
  • for the smell of crayons.
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