Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Wolfwardrobe | "you don't scare me, you don't scare me!" I cried, to my ectoplasmic lover from the other side

Scarf (on head) - thrifted (GCF) | Dress - Decked Out, vintage/thrifted (Dorcas Ministries) | Boots - Nine West, resale (Butterfly Exchange) | Belt - thrifted (GCF)
When I bought this dress at the Dorcas Ministries thrift store, it had shoulder pads in it (I immediately cut them out, of course). The shape is flattering, was even flattering when I wore it 32 weeks pregnant at my baby shower (which you can see here), and the colors are magnificent. I get compliments on this dress every time I wear it. The boots once belonged to my boss, April--when she started the Exchange, she filled it with clothes from her own closet. She was a little sad to see these boots go, I think, but they're still in the family!
Earrings - gift (Mckenzie) | Necklace - gift (Mom) | Bracelet - Baik Baik (BeYOUtiful Butterfly Boutique)

Tank - Mossimo, thrifted (GCF) | Skirt - Christopher & Banks | Boots - vintage, second-hand (Grandma) | Belt - thrifted (GCF)
When I worked for Christopher & Banks, I bought a lot of stuff with my discount (it was amazing). I didn't think I would, but I always managed to make things work with my hippie dippy aesthetic. I realized in photographing this skirt that it has a run in the back and is probably due for retirement, but I've always loved it so. You can see me wearing it a few years ago with the same belt and same boots here.
Earrings - gift (Sierra, Super Flea Market in Greensboro) | Necklace - antique, gift (Wolfman, Antiques on Salem Street) | Bracelet [turquoise] - gift (April) | Bracelets [nut] - Organic Tagua Jewelry (BeYOUtiful Butterfly Boutique
Scarf (on head) - resale (Butterfly Exchange) | Tee - Mossimo, second-hand (Grandma) | Top - Eyeshadow (Dillards) | Jeans - Almost Famous, resale (Butterfly Exchange) | Sandals - Clark's, resale (Butterfly Exchange)
I have had this top (the outer layer) since high school. 
Earrings - I've had these since middle school | Necklace (opal) - gift (Grandma) | Bracelet (jewels) - gift (Mom Mom & Pop Pop) | Bracelet (turquoise) - gift (April) | Rings (silver and opal) - gifts (Grandma)

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