Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Wolfwardrobe | I want to start a new life with my valuable bull-hunting knife

Scarf - Claire's | Tunic - New York & Company, second-hand (Grandma) | Leggings - Studio S (Sears going-out-of-business sale) | Sandals - Bandolino, second-hand (Grandma) 
Perhaps because my husband and son wear so much camo, I've come to really love it. I particularly love pairing it with florals (and peace signs). One customer at the shop told me she loved my look this day, that it reminded her of her daughter. "She calls it Bohemian," the woman told me, and I said, "Yes! Exactly!" I have had both these earrings and the cowgirl necklace since high school. Grandma has a cowgirl necklace to match mine, but hers is a country/western singer with a guitar in her lap. I went for the gunslinger, Calamity Jane style.
Earrings - Pididdly Links, vintage (Ordinary & Extraordinary [closed]) | Necklace (cowgirl) - Light Years | Necklace (purse) - Second-hand (Grandma)

Infinity scarf (on head) - thrifted (GCF) | Top - Westonwear, second-hand (Grandma) | Skirt - Old Navy, resale (Butterfly Exchange) | Sandals - Clark's, resale (Butterfly Exchange)
Much of what I get from my grandmother's closet (as if it is an actual place to shop, but with a terrific discount) are things she never even wore, things she picked up at thrift stores because she found them beautiful, but maybe had no intention of ever wearing. Other things, like this top, she did wear, and I complimented her on, and then she gave to me. My grandma has this habit--any time I compliment her on something, she takes that to mean I want it, and sometimes she will actually take that thing off her body immediately and hand it to me. No amount of protest can change her mind. You'd think I'd stop just casually complimenting her, but I'm a complimenter; it's what I do.
Earrings - Wired Lady, handmade, gift (Bonnie, BeYOUtiful Butterfly) | Necklace - gift (Wolfman) | Bracelet (jewel) - gift (Mom Mom & Pop Pop) | Bracelet (charm) - gift (Grandma)

Scarf (on head) - Dillard's | Tunic - Michael by Michael Kors, thrifted (GCF) | Pants - Ann Taylor Loft, resale (Butterfly Exchange) | Sandals - Bandolino, second-hand (Grandma)
I've learned enough on my job as a resale buyer to know now that this tunic was originally a very expensive one (or, at least, what I would consider very expensive). I didn't know that when I bought it a couple years ago, for $3.50. It doesn't make a whole lot of difference now that I do know, other than that it's a funny anecdote. I meet women regularly at work who are, visibly, weirded out when they realize they're standing in a resale shop, where the clothes are used. They get bad cases of the heebie jeebies, and my reaction is always a comforting, "It's okay if you don't buy used!" At least, I mean to be comforting and understanding, but I think they can tell my smile and chuckle has a little bit of teasing to it. Because, really, any outfit you try on at a department store might have touched the skin of another human who tried it on before you, and you're paying gobs of money anyways. Why not just buy it on the cheap to begin with?
Earrings - gift (Grandma) | Necklace - Rebelle, handmade, gift (Wolfman, Make It Your Own Boutique) | Bracelet - vintage, gift (Grandma) | Ring (Quartz) - gift (Grandma) | Ring (geode) - Third Rock, handmade (Raleigh Flea Market)

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