Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Madmartigan, 2 Years Old | I'm not like everybody else

01/52 - mad peek-a-boo skills
02/52 - peanut butter & jelly heaven, followed by face-cleaning hell
03/52 - caveman
04/52 - The Blur
About Mads (2 years and one month old):
  • In the sunlight, gold and copper strands shine in his hair.
  • He is done with his sandals. Done. He wants only to wear his green boots (the ones that look like tiny Doc Martins).
  • He loves, to the point of obsession, the bubble-blowing lawn mower Sandra, my mother-in-law, gave him for his birthday. (He used up a 67oz bottle of bubble solution in one week.)
  • He wakes in the morning mumbling words, sometimes as if he's telling me his dreams, sometimes as if he's just practicing speech. One morning he woke and said, "Jelly! Boxtrolls." Another morning he woke saying the names of all the colors, "Yellow. Green. Purple."
  • He squeezes his eyes shut when he eats something he really loves (like toast with blackberry jelly, homemade cinnamon applesauce pouches, frozen banana and milk smoothies, yogurt with honey, beans).
  • He shows such concern for others, asking, "You okay, Mommy?" "You okay, Daddy" "Knee hurt, Mommy?" when I scratch my knee.
  • He can throw a tennis ball off the deck to Lunchbox for at least an hour (maybe more if we let him).
  • Though, in waking life, he is adamant that he is not a baby, one morning this month he woke next to me wanting to nurse. I told him, "Big boys don't nurse in the morning," and he responded, "No, I'm a baby!"
  • He is wary of spiders and requests that I or his father carry him past their webs, but he loves Eric Carle's The Very Busy Spider.
  • He has tried feeding a booger to the dog.
  • He loves hiding under the afghan behind the sofa, and he giggles when I or his dad wonder aloud, "Where's Martigan?"
  • He feeds the dog and cat (with a little help from his dad) every morning.
  • He calls jack-o-lanterns "Halloween" and has taken to carrying one small battery operated plastic jack-o-lantern to bed with him every night.
  • He loves Worcestershire sauce.

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