Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Photo Journal, no 10 | Furlough, Week 1

My mandatory, month-long, unpaid "vacation" began on the 5th. My first year working for state government, this furlough happened right as my relationship with Wolfman became more--serious?, or just more, I guess. And that year Wolfman was searching for work and surviving on guitar lessons in the evening. But, whatever financial insecurity took a back seat to this little honeymoon of ours, all that free time with which to fall in love and hole up together, only wandering outdoors for trudges through the snow that fell that year and many brunches at Gypsy's Shiny Diner. It was wonderful, and I will always cherish the memory of that first furlough.

The furloughs that have followed, however, have all been major pains in my ass. And, though I'm more motivated to stay busy this year (learn a few more skills, knock some items off my To-Do-List), I'm still struggling day by day to focus on the positive rather than induce panic attacks thinking about next month's bills. But, there has been tea, some romantic comedies, and a few murder presents to document from my cats. I've been well-fed, and I finished my very first knitting project--Wolfman's 4th Doctor Scarf. I made mistakes, of course, and it's not an exact replica (the original scarf was 20 feet long, for one thing, and also, Wolfman requested no tassels). But, I'm proud of it, and more importantly, he loves it. And, Thanksgiving weekend precisely, Christmas began cropping up in my neighborhood--it's dreadfully cheerful.
In other news, Wolfman finally convinced me it'd be a good idea for me to get a smart phone, which has led to opening a Twitter account. It's just so dern easy! So if you're into that sort of thing, follow me @calamityvaughn.

And, for good measure, other places to find me on the interwebs follow:

I'm savvy, guys, as well as an expert time-waster.

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