Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Madmartigan, 3 Years Old | you think my muscles are big? you haven't seen my brain

Mads got an at-home hair cut this month. During his bath one night, Wolfman took the opportunity to clip about an inch off the ends of his hair. As with that time I tried cutting some bangs on him to keep his hair out of his face (the summer he turned 2), he moved as scissors snipped through his hair, and the result was VERY crooked. The next morning, Wolfman and I stood in the hall bathroom with our boy. Mads was at the sink standing on his step stool while Wolfman and I assessed the damage and giggled. I attempted to straighten the cut, and then attempted to straighten that cut, and as a result, his hair is shoulder-length now. He's still a long-haired boy who is mistaken for a girl everywhere, by every one, but the difference is so obvious as I look at these pictures now. Mads, for the record, could care less. He can still head bang, so he's happy.
About Mads, 3 Years & 7 Months Old:

  • Mads is dressed as Batman, in his mask and cape, at least 50% of the time. When he's dressed like Batman, he is Batman. If I want a kiss, he will tell me, "Batman doesn't kiss," to which I must request, "Can Martigan give me a kiss?" Sometimes he will lift up his mask to kiss me, and sometimes he won't.
  • He describes potential wounds like so: "and then my blood will come out!" It's gross but also kind of funny.
  • Mads, completely on his own, has been diligently practicing his "s" sound, which he has a little trouble with in conversation. When he calls his bathroom stool a "tool," and I say, "Yep, we've got to move your stool," he stands on it repeating, "ssstt, sssttt, ssstt." 
  • We went to see The LEGO Batman movie this month in the movie theater, and he refused to wear his 3D glasses, the entire time.
  • Mads loves playing Candyland, Twister, and building towers with legos.
  • Mads also loves to create scenarios for his toys and make them talk to each other. He gives me and his dad elaborate conversation ("now you say _____"), as if writing a script. I've noted before on Martigan's penchant for story-telling and here is another layer.
  • Favorite toys this month: his large metal dump truck (a gift from Aunt Theresa) and his Batman action figure.
  • Favorite shows and movies: Ask the StoryBots and lots of super heroes (both DC and Marvel, in all sorts of variations)
  • Favorite books: Part-Time Princess by Deborah Underwood and Cambria EvansMercer Mayer's Little Critters books

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