Thursday, March 2, 2017

February Joys & Favorites | my baby lives in shades of blue

| Joys | 
| Family Day | It occurred to me recently that Mads, Wolfman, and I didn't have a full day to spend together during the week, which I found wasteful and appalling. So, I rearranged my schedule and, boom, easy peasy, now we've got each and every Wednesday to ourselves, completely together, nowhere to be but with each other. To celebrate that first Wednesday, we took our boy to the theater to see The Lego Batman Movie
| In the Garden | All the trees are blooming outdoors, and even my indoor plants are confused by all this Spring-timing North Carolina's been doing this month. I'm noticing all sorts of new growth on my plants, including this bloom starting on my Albuca spirilis.

| Favorites | 
| Wolfwardrobe | My sister found this Alex Kim cardigan/jacket for Grandma who let me borrow it. I've come across Alex Kim in my resale work, but had never bought a piece--resisting my deep-seeded penchant for eccentric granny wear. I love the off-kilter embroidery and beading of Alex Kim, but the boxy shapes are not typically flattering on my body. However, I think this sweater achieves more of a slouchy feel than boxy (I hope), and I just love these colors. I want to wear this on the beach, just one morning on the Outer Banks, headed out to breakfast in this sweater and jean cut-offs.
| Stationery | There's a World Market around the corner from my workplace, which is dangerous for my wallet. I bought these hand-made paper notecards and wrapping paper on clearance for less than $5 each. Also, have loved and used up all my National Parks stamps.
| Gifts | 1. For Valentine's Day, Wolfman bought me a print by our friend and favorite artist, Sheila Holden. This is our second print by Sheila. Our first (another redhead, this one a warrior with sword and shield) was a gift to Wolfman from Sheila after he played music during one of her art shows and hangs in our living room. This sorceress, however, will live in our bedroom above our altar space. I also am lucky enough to own of of Sheila's hand-painted t-shirts. One day, I'd like to have one of her original canvases.  2. For no reason, Wolfman bought me this octopus mug. I'm carrying it to-and-from work with me. I've already stained the inside with coffee.
| Product | We burn a lot of Satya incense in this house. Previously, other than the traditional nag champa, my favorite scent has been "midnight" (Wolfman likes sandalwood). Wolfman picked up this English lavender, which we hadn't yet tried. I burnt it at nights after putting the kids to bed, when Wolfman was at work or recording music. Wildberry's "Blend 22" is still my incense for doing magic, but Satya's English Lavender is now my writing and tea-sipping in the evening incense.
| Movie | There are two types of really good movies for me: the ones that speak to my heart and the ones that worm into my brain. The Double was of the latter category (though I carry a heart-on for its director, Richard Ayoade, one of my only real celebrity crushes). I felt, watching The Double, that I was seeing something truly unique and masterful. I felt claustrophobic and uncertain, thoroughly tickled and a little bit sad, wrapped up in creepiness and whimsy (my favorite kind of knit), and I think I finally really get Jesse Eisenberg. I feel like this will be one of those movies that makes its way onto important lists in the future--you know, the, 'you're a serious cinephile if you watch this' kind of lists. | Other movies I liked this month: Deathgasm, Bonnie and Clyde, Shark Attack 3: Megaladon, The Lego Batman Movie
| Music | In 2012, I fell hard and fast for Lana Del Rey. I blasted "National Anthem" while vacuuming our newlywed bungalow, and tears streamed down my face as I listened to "Ride" on repeat riding city buses. In 2013, I gave birth to my son, and that put a bit of a kibosh on the luxury of listening to songs until they became imprinted in the grey matter of my brain. I missed a lot of Lana Del Rey in the intermediate years. As a valentine to myself, I tried to play catch-up with what I'd missed. I only got as far as Ultraviolent, because I fell head-over-heels in love, again. In particular, I love "Shades of Cool" and "Brooklyn Baby," but the whole thing is just the dreamiest, most genius confectionery-laced-with-arsenic I've ever had the pleasure to stir into my bitter black heart. Stay tuned next month when I make such genius observations as, "Holy shit, Honeymoon is also really fucking good!" | Other music I enjoyed this month: Rob Zombie's The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser, Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath, Kvelertak

| Links, etc. | Beyonce's pregnant, ya'll. | In an attempt to better mingle with my co-workers, I've been watching more stand-up comedy, though my favorite special so far, Simon Amstell's Do Nothing, is probably not at all the same kind of stand-up my co-workers watch/listen to/laugh at, and so, once again, I am a failure. | These two Twitter feeds, @NatureIsWeird and @NatureIsScary, have provided endless amounts of entertainment in slow moments at work. | I have not gone to see Get Out yet, but I will very soon, and I loved this essay about horror movies and race. | I also have not seen either of the John Wick movies (I know; what am I doing with my life?), but I will very soon, and I loved this essay on The Grace of Keanu Reeves.

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