Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Madmartigan, 3 Years Old | dig through the ditches and burn through the witches

About Mads, 3 Years & 3 Months Old:

  • Mads shows me his new boots (which I bought him). I say, "those boots are so cool!" He responds, "because I'm the coolest."
  • Mads is beginning to recognize bands, as in, when "Dragula" starts playing, Mads announces, "Hey! This is Rob Zombie!"
  • He says "last morning" when he means "yesterday."
  • Mads snuggles close and tells me, "You're my sweetheart."
  • Me: "You know that you're perfect, and I love you." Mads: "I will punch you with my foot!"
  • Me: "You've got three more minutes on that potty, and then I'm putting you back to bed." Mads: "I'll put you back to bed."
  • Mads says, "I'm a ninja. Ninjas don't go to bed."
  • Martigan has started tumbling, across the living room floor mostly and, once, he attempted to tumble on the sidewalk outside Target.
  • We've identified that Mads is possessed by a 3 Demon, an insidious creature that takes over my gorgeous, loving son on days he doesn't listen, doesn't sleep, throws tantrums at the slightest provocation. 
  • Mads has started story-telling (and I think he has a real knack for it; he's funny and lyrical). As we wind down before bed, he tells us the story of how "at the market" he met a mummy. "But it was a nice mummy! He didn't bite me! He ate mummy balls." In this story, he also meets a skeleton and a witch, neither of whom bite him.
  • Mads says, "I can't say that word. It's too difficult."
  • Mads says, "You're so cute, Mommy."
  • He named the spring horse Grandma pulled down from her attic "Charger."
  • He dropped his first f-bomb this month; he repeated his dad's incredulous cry of "what the f--k are you doing?" (at a clueless and/or careless driver on the road) in the car.
  • Favorite books this month: Troll & The Oliver, Norman Bridwell's Clifford the Big Red Dog books
  • Favorite movie/show: Justin Time

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