Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Madmartigan, 3 Years Old | it's close to midnight, and something evil's lurking in the dark

About Mads, 3 Years 2 Months Old:
  • Mads uses the word "must" often. As in, "you must," or, "I must," or, "Batman must."
  • Mads is obsessed with The Powerpuff Girls. He is Buttercup (Ella is Bubbles; sometimes I get to be Blossom, sometimes I have to be Mojo Jojo).
  • Perhaps because of his Powerpuff obsession (some more responsible parents out there reading this may recognize that Powerpuff Girls is not the most appropriate cartoon for 3-year-olds), Mads has been incredibly physical this month, insisting he is a "fighter," even going so far as to wear socks on his hands (as boxing, or hero gloves) and punching--punching anything, including people. It's been rough. Figuring out a way to harness and direct his physicality, in general, is becoming more and more of a challenge.
  • Every morning Mads starts the day by asking if it's Halloween.
  • "Daddy, I'm so proud of you!" - Mads, when his dad agrees to let him pick out some ice cream at the grocery store.

  • We watch the "Thriller" music video and/or dance to the song daily.
  • Martigan has gone at building (with blocks and legos) hard this month. 
  • He can climb our chain-link fence, in rain boots (photographic evidence below).
  • Mads says, "That's funny, Mommy," and, "You're joking!"
  • Martigan's favorite movies/shows this month: The Powerpuff Girls
  • Martigan's favorite books this month: Tea Rex, Sea Rex, and Camp Rex by Molly Idle and This Orq. He Cave Boy by David Elliott

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