Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Garden Update | she's pretty as a daisy, but look out man she's crazy

I am quickly becoming a crazy plant lady.  Point-in-case: in the newlywed bungalow, one of our little kittens (Birgitte, the pretty one) ate my first Venus Fly Trap, and I told her calmly but unhappily, "The truth is, I liked the plant more than I like you, so this is a problem." 1. It is crazy to talk to one's cat (maybe). 2. It is crazy to love a plant more than a mammal, particularly one as pretty as Birgitte. I only tell this unflattering story because it was a hint to my future as a crazy plant lady (and my future even beyond that of becoming a less fit Poison Ivy, obviously). 

Because they are such a big part of my life and habits, and because they have brought me a greater sense of joy in these past stressful weeks than almost anything else (besides, you know, my loving husband and beautiful son, or whatever), here's an update on some horticultural happenings around these parts.
Succulents are magical--if you break a leaf or stem, just stick it in dirt and wait for new growth.
After admiring the Corylus Walking Sticks at a local nursery, Grandma ordered one for me through the post. I thought perhaps it was a dud (that Grandma had paid the cost of the plant and shipping only for me to be watering a curly stick stuck in a pot of dirt), but suddenly last week, leaves appeared.
My Pitcher Plants were looking a little brown and sad in the kitchen, so I moved them out to the (very) damp front porch. Still some brown, but quite a bit new growth.
I've had this Pothos for over three years. A couple months ago, I began training it to wrap around the kitchen window, and now I am just one step closer to living in a proper witch cottage.
I've not had much luck with growing avocados from pits in the past, but this one was already split when I ate the fruit.
The beginning of our autumn garden, lettuce and spinach.
Beetles love the okra.
Our zucchini is not doing incredibly well this year. It produced, overnight, one miraculous, giant squash (with which I made my favorite chocolate chip cookies) and then went into some kind of hibernation.
Okra flower.
Finally got around to pruning the Purple Heart Wandering Jew that had grown so leggy in my kitchen. It is mind-bogglingly easy to propagate this plant. So, be warned: everyone I know is getting a Purple Heart for Christmas.

Never-posted photos from this past Spring & Winter:

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