Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Wolfwardrobe | she's fallen in love with a monster man

Scarf - second-hand (Grandma) | Blouse - New Directions, thrifted (GCF) | Skirt - Pretty Angel, gift (Rachel) | Sandals - Bandolino, second-hand (Grandma)
The way this skirt moves is so dreamy, I once again went full-on gypsy. I hope my friend, Rachel, the giver of this skirt will approve of this ensemble--I think she will; she's a romantic dresser herself. This little peacock blouse I caught out of the corner of my eye as I was leaving Goodwill one day. It's colorful, sheer, floaty--exactly the type of blouse I love to wear, and a perfect replacement for another peacock printed top I thrifted a few years ago but have since retired due to wear.
Blouse: CC Outlaw, thrifted (GCF) | Camisole: H&M, resale (Butterfly Exchange) | Skirt: thrifted (GCF) 
Here is the truth about this outfit: it was way too hot outside to wear it. This skirt is heavy. I wore this skirt tied snug over my growing belly at 26 weeks pregnant, which you can see here.
Dress - Fashowlim, second-hand (Grandma) | Blouse - Worthington, thrifted (GCF) | Sandals - FitFlop (BeYOUtiful Butterfly) | Necklace - gift (April) 
I think this is a sort of weird, thrown-together outfit, and I won't be wearing it again. But, a stranger actually interrupted my lunch in the mall food court to ask where I buy my clothes. She said, "I used to shop at a lot of boutiques..." and I could tell by her silver earrings that she had good taste.

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