Sunday, October 11, 2015

Madmartigan, 2 Years Old | a very strange, enchanted boy

05/52 - chocolate goblin
06/52 - Bubba fell asleep reading his new book on the ride home.
07/52 - Cheese'n hard.
08/52 - Nature boy, Autumn Equinox 2015.
09/52 - Kazoo prodigy.
10/52 - Nudie pants.

About Mads (2 years and 2 months old)
  • With some coaxing, he's started saying, "I love you." It sounds like, "I wub you."
  • Early in the month, Wolfman sent the boy to the big chair for a five minute time out for kicking the dog. When Mads had served his time and his dad asked, "Do you know why you had to take a time out?" I was astonished to hear Mads answer, "because I kicked the dog." 
  • His word for both belly buttons and tickling is the same and of his own creation--"deedle-dee".
  • He sometimes confuses me and his father, and as if we are the same person, he will just call one or the other of us "mommydaddy."
  • Wolfman says Mads answers, "No," in the same exact tone I do.
  • Martigan is afraid of bathroom hand dryers, some dragons and dinosaurs, and witches (hah).
  • He picks up bouquets of leaves from the ground whenever he goes outdoors, so the floor of the car and our carpet are littered with dry leaf bits.
  • He can count to ten--almost (he has trouble with "seven", and sometimes repeats "eight" twice, sometimes skips it entirely). 
  • He giggles now while he watches movies, and sometimes at farts (his own or those of others).
  • When asked what he's called, Martigan answers, "I name Mads," with a hand on his chest.
  • Wolfman and I discovered while Mads was throwing a tantrum that his two year molars are coming in.
  • Martigan is officially weaned this month; he is half way to being a real big boy (next step: potty training).
  • He points out trains and planes, and when I ask, "Where is that train/plane going?" he always answers, "Mama's [Grandma's] house."
  • His favorite movies/shows this month were: The Jungle Book, Coraline, ParaNormanThomas & Friends, and, still, The Boxtrolls.
  • His favorite books this month were: Room on the Broom, Zoom, Going to Sleep on the Farm, Sam's Sandwich, and Happy Halloween, Curious George.

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