Monday, June 29, 2015

Lessons in What I Wore Past, Continued Some More

In high school, I was obsessed with the plaid skirt.  This is one of a handful I owned.

Wolfman used to call these my funky mom shoes.

My autumn leaf skirt! Another much beloved piece of my high school wardrobe.
Sierra gave me these earrings.  She bought them at the Greensboro flea market, and I get so many compliments on them every year.

My NC State Fair outfit.  I flashed people going down a fun house slide, or would have were it not for opaque tights.

I bought this necklace second hand for my Roman costume for Latin class.

This is Halloween. This is Halloween.

Pirate pencil skirt!

My sister also owns this skirt.  We bought them together at TJ Maxx.

Harem pants, in case you were questioning my boho street cred.

I get real witchy in Autumn.

I wasn't so much accessorizing with my reading material as building an entire outfit around it.

I dyed this once-white skirt.  Even before having a baby me wearing white was a disaster waiting to happen.

I also dyed this little cardigan and then used it to dress up like an Autumn fairy.

I bought this furry leopard print thing in a thrift store in Los Angeles.  The only explanation I can think to explain its existence is that it was made for and worn by a hooker.  To lessen the Pretty Woman effect of the thing, I paired it with some Denise Huxtable flats. Adding a dash of Denise Huxtable to an outfit is never a bad idea.

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  1. Absolutely LOVE every one of these looks. Your style is hippie witchy faboosh!!! -xo


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