Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lessons in What I Wore Past, Continued

I found this tunic in a little boutique in Ventura, California when I visited my friend, Bree.  Every time I wear it, it loses more beads.
After the last What I Wore post, the first one I should say, I was wondering if all of this was too silly, too unnecessary.  But, I had Mads in my lap as I scrolled through the post for a final edit, and he pointed at the screen and said, "OooOOoooh, Mommy!" So, here is Part 2, to be followed by a Part 3 (and then I'll be done, for now anyways).
My college roommate, McKenzie, gave me these earrings.  They are among my most complimented pieces of jewelry.
This little cardigan is among the plethora I bought with my employee discount when I worked for Christopher & Banks.  I donated all but one of them in recent years, and now that I see it in this picture, I'm not sure why.
Wolfman bought me these earrings unexpectedly, one of his for-no-reason gifts, made out of guitar picks by a student at the music studio where he taught that year.
This pin is among my greatest thrift finds in my illustrious thrifting career.
My pal Selena commented on Flickr when I first posted this photo to tell me she loved this outfit.  This is, indeed, a very Selena outfit (I am always inspired by her wardrobe).  She's a bright color wearing kind of gal, and red, in particular, is her signature.

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