Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday | Cool Aunts

photos via Ashley
I love my girlfriends.  That's how my grandma always announced a phone call for me when I was a teenager; "Michelle, your girlfriend's on the phone!"  I love them as individuals, and I love them as women, and I love that we've been in each other's lives for so long.  I hate only that adult life has scattered us (continues to scatter us as Ashley just announced she'll be moving to Wilmington at the end of the year).  Selena, fun-sized, her signature color red, was the first friend I made after moving to North Carolina in the 6th grade.  Siobhan, six feet tall and newly emancipated, wearing three inch heels to boot, I met the following year.  Ashley, with her pineapple pendant and that accent that won't quit, I met the year after.  And, we've been in each other's lives, in one way or another, ever since.  I am so comforted by that fact, so proud of it, so in awe of these ladies and everything they've accomplished--degrees, careers, babies, travels.

We had dinner together on Saturday, for the last time before I add a number to our bunch, a little mini baby shower, which I honestly was not expecting.  As Ashley wrote on Facebook, "this baby's gonna have the coolest aunts!"  One thing I've been continually awed by throughout this pregnancy is the amount of love and blessings and well wishes that have been showered on this baby.  How extraordinary to come into the world already anticipated and loved so much.  And how lucky this baby is to have such a vast, diverse "family", including so many cool aunts--role model women, who've touched my life so deeply, and who inspire me always.

The night in February when I announced my pregnancy (with Siobhan's adorable minime, Jade). Photo via Selena.
Selena, Michelle, Ashley, & Siobhan--days before high school graduation.  Photo via Selena.

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  1. I love a girl gang. Some girlfriends and I were just saying the other day that we were going to boldly declare that The Red Tent should be reinstated and that we'd be in it until further notice. The boys could bring dark chocolate and wine to the entrance of said tent, but that we'd see them in three days. That sounds a little like we don't appreciate the boys (we do!), but *sigh*. A Red Tent sure sounds lovely doesn't it?


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