Thursday, September 20, 2012

Photo Journal, no. 50 | (much belated) Meals Lately (so not actually "lately" at all)

Breakfast: toasted chicken & tomato sandwich with miracle whip.
Breakfast: BLT sandwich
Breakfast: kale & tomato salad with curried couscous
Breakfast: grapefruit & watermelon smoothie
Dessert: cream puff
Lunch: beans & tomato wedges
Breakfast: homemade zucchini bread with butter and a peach
Lunch (almost every single day): green pepper and cucumber with hummus, peach
Dinner from Spize Cafe: mint roll
Breakfast: liver pudding, avacado, peach, & coffee
Dessert: coconut coconut milk "ice cream" with semi-sweet chocolate chips & dehydrated blueberries
Breakfast: beans with tomato & avacado
Dinner: kale salad with hard-boiled egg and dried cranberries, almond milk
Dessert for breakfast from Buttercup Bakery: birthday tart
Lunch from Gypsy's Shiny Diner: BLT sandwich with tator tots
Dessert from Gypsy's Shiny Diner: lemon meringue pie
Breakfast: toasted English muffin with honey & butter, peach, figs from Grandma's yard, coffee
Wolfman dinner: grilled ham & cheese on an onion bun
Breakfast: unsweetened apple sauce with raisins and raw almond butter


  1. Hi Michelle! First of all, I deeply appreciate your penchant for the bacon sandwich. I also love your blog--particularly the book reviews and food porn. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm so glad you're enjoying all my nonsense! And, yes, though I'm not one to eat bacon on its own (I prefer sausage with my eggs and toast, actually), I do love a good bacon sandwich.

    2. P.S. Just checked out your website. I'm intrigued! (to put it lightly)

    3. Thanks for checking out my website! I've been working as an archaeologist for 10 years. (Decidedly less intriguing in real life.) I am a fan of your curatorial feats on pinterest and all the delicious-looking homemade bread on your blog. Fall weather always makes me want to bake...well, really I just want to eat.

  2. Great pics! And- you're a rocking a pretty healthy diet there... lots of good stuff & just enough indulgence to keep things interesting.

    1. That's what I go for! I can always do better, though, in balancing the good stuff vs. the indulgences. (Or, rather, not balancing--there should be so much more good stuff than other!)


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