Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Photo Journal, no. 32 | Studio

Here is Wolfman's tidied studio late in the day, what may have been our dining room but that we never bought a dining room table and instead eat seated on the floor at the coffee table like the Japanese.  Some big changes are brewing here in the Wolfpeople household.  We'll be leaving our little newlywed bungalow soon--within the next few months, perhaps sooner.  I would be sad, but, like the Xena situation, I think this is a welcome departure.  This time it is we who have overstayed our welcome.  The house stopped feeling like my own around February.  I couldn't tell you why or how exactly, only that I've stopped feeling so connected to the place, so grounded, with my toes in the carpet and my mint on the back deck.  We're preparing ourselves for a sea change. 
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